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Little  Learner Montessori update

Vista finds itself in an unfortunate situation.  Little Learners Montessori is sharing incorrect information into the community.  Here is what is being shared with families who have been told that we are evicting without notice:
Mr. Tony has not shared the real facts with any of the parents or staff.  We are sorry at the pain this has caused to everyone involved.  The Director of Little Learners was told by us last Tuesday when we went to distribute a gentle notification, to parents and staff.  She promised us immediate dissemination.  Even that would have not been enough time.  

Here is the timeline:
6/21 - Tony was hand delivered a lease termination for 12/31 by Pastor Galen Hora because of the intended sale.
7/31 - The city inspected the building per code for a sale and gave us code violations in the building that needed immediate attention.  
9/9 - Meeting with the city between Little Learners and Vista. The city gave a variance for Little Learners to remain until 12/31.  Tony, Niro his son and his lawyer, were involved agreed to all terms.  They were instructed to install an offsite fire monitoring system - Vista agreed to pay for this as a good faith measure and to keep the families at Little Learners. They were also to have a lease or agreement to buy another property by the end of Oct. so that the city knew they were moving forward.  This would include architectural/code/zoning issues needing to be addressed.
9/12 - Tony signed a lease termination agreement for 12/31 in accordance with the city's request and Vista's request on 6/21.  This was drafted and approved by both lawyers.
Nothing was submitted to the city.
12/6 - We contacted Tony to arrange a meeting to vacate.  This was set up for 12/9 ... he contacted the city for an extension of the variance after this contact.
12/9 - We met with Tony, asked him what his plans were if the city did not extend the variance.  He told us of a meeting the next day.  Which we then attended.  We were open to working for the good of the families.
12/10 - City gave him the condition that he could have the information they asked for in Sept. by 12/13, they would be open to extending the variance.  
12/16 - He delivered incomplete information to the city, only a letter of intent to lease a new property.  He was told that this was not adequate.  They did not extend the variance for Little Learners.  
We have written verification of this in many email chains, as Tony and Niro attempted to change the city's decision.
12/20 - Tony talked to the city and was given a hard no.  He then requested another meeting for January.  
Vista cannot extend the lease without a variance, has lost all trust in Mr. Tony's integrity and is disappointed that he was not truthful with staff or families.  
We are not kicking you out.  We were trying to give Tony adequate time to begin the relocation process and take care of his families.  If Mr. Tony had done his what the city asked for we would not have been forced to enforce the 12/31 dates.  That is why we tried to reach out to the parents last week.  We are sorry he refused to give you adequate notice.

Vista has been in conversation with other Day Cares and agencies.
Child Aware of Mn. has the most up to date listing of openings ... or call 888-291-9811 to request a Parent Services Advocate for daycare.  

Also another daycare is establishing  a google doc that can be shared with families and staff of  daycare openings in the immediate area and those that are hiring in the area.  They have been aware of this situation since we reached out after the 9th and are moving parents to the front of their openings out of concern for the families.  This will be shared by Vista for all families reaching out.
There is much pain in the Little Learner's family.  

Parents and staff were only told today of the Dec. 31 date.  They are confused and angry.  We are the target, because Tony has shared false information.  We pray for all involved!

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